I f you ask my mother, she might say 'Alvarico'; my childhood friends, 'Subi' without a doubt, or even 'Subis'. If you ask me, it's not that clear. Let's say my name is Álvaro and I'm from Pamplona.

In that city I think I was born, back in 1989, when a wall fell in Berlin, when an unknown gentleman stopped in a square in China to observe in a daze a lot of tanks, and when the Game Boy was invented. OK, alright: many things happened in that year, more important than me.


Then I grew up. But little by little, you better believe it. It was sometimes a growth spurt, sometimes even a shrinkage. I went to school, and some things happened, then to college, and some others happened. I had some experiences in between, relevant to some extent, such as taking Art classes during a decade, living in Italy, or falling in love, and I finally got to Madrid.

And I've been in Madrid for ten years now! In this great city, although I've been developing some new curiosities like writing and directing, I work as an actor above all.

Regarding my acting education, I owe it to Laboratorio de Teatro William Layton, the international company Residui Teatro and Espacio Guindalera.


Moreover I've trained with the voice master Vicente Fuentes, and with Jesús Esperanza, Fabio Mangolini, Mónica Dorta and Gabriel Chamé, to name just a few.

One of my best abilities is my language skills. Beyond the fact that I'm a Spaniard, I'm a fluent speaker of English, French and Portuguese, and then Italian at a native level.

Currently, I'm learning Basque at the Escuela Oficial de Idiomas.


In voice work, I specialised in foreign accents, including Italian, French and American English. My voice is deep, baritone for singing, displaying a wide range of modulations.

As a matter of fact, this July I premiered at the Festival Internacional de Almagro Las bizarrías de Belisa by Lope de Vega, with the company Clásicos on the Road.


Besides, regarding theatre, until a little before the lockdown in Spain, I did Noche árabe (Die arabische Nacht) by Roland Schimmelpfennig. Before that, in 2019, I performed in a Shakespeare's classic, Noche de Reyes (Twelfth Night), directed by Lidio Sánchez Caro, and in El señor de las moscas (Lord of the Flies), by Marcos Toro for the Teatro Federico García Lorca in Getafe (Madrid).


I also performed with the multi-awarded company Sotterraneo, in the show Dies Irae. In July '19 at The REP in Birmingham, UK, and then in November-December

in Conde Duque, Madrid.

In radio, in late 2018 I performed for the podcast by Podium Podcast and Cadena SER, Una novela criminal, written by the 2018 Alfaguara award winner Jorge Volpi.

Before that, I worked in Los intocables de Eliot Ness (The Untouchables), the first immersive theatre experience  in Spain, directed by Rubén Cano, or the short film Paradojas en el día a día de un banco de peces, by Manuel Manrique. I also participated in the spot Envidia, by Y&R Madrid, winner of two Lions in Cannes, and I directed the play La psicoloca, by the poetess Pilar González España.

And I would love to tell you that I have something cooking and that I can take it out of the oven. But I can't just yet, so I better shut up, just in case I mess everything up.

Any questions?

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  • A Thousand Faces of Me (2021, post-production). Dir.: Kat Leroy
  • Short Sueño húmedo de una noche de verano (2021). Dir.: Markus Toivo
  • Short Contagio (2019). Dir.: Álvaro Lorenzo
  • La atención (2019). Dir.: Orencio Carvajal
  • Short Paradojas en el día a día de un banco de peces (2017). Dir.: Manuel Manrique
  • Short Para mi compañera (2016). Dir.: Manuel Manrique
  • Short Pay Per Live (2015). Dir.: Adrián Domínguez y Jose A. Díaz
  • Yo tengo perspectiva (de la vida) (2014). Dir.: Javier Rebollo


  • Servir y proteger (2020). Dir.: Nacho Guilló


  • Las bizarrías de Belisa (2021). Dir.: Antonio Alcalde
  • Burocratia (2021). Dir.: Alicia Lescure
  • Noche árabe [Die arabische Nacht] (2020). Dir.: Rocío Lasierra
  • Dies Irae: Five Episodes Around the End of the Species (2019). Dir.: Sotterraneo
  • Noche de Reyes [Twelfth Night] (2019). Dir.: Lidio Sánchez Caro
  • El señor de las moscas [Lord of the Flies] (2019). Dir.: Marcos Toro
  • Dónde está mi casa (2018). Dir.: Gregorio Amicuzi
  • Youth (2017). Dir.: Céline Soun
  • What's Up (2017). Dir.: Gregorio Amicuzi
  • Los intocables de Eliot Ness [The Untouchables] (2016). Dir.: Rubén Cano
  • Vuelva usted mañana (2016). Dir.: Irene Cupeiro
  • Carnage (2016). Dir.: Darío Hoyos
  • Tal vez soñar (2016). Dir.: Álvaro Manzano
  • La vida manda [This Happy Breed] (2015). Dir.: Francisco Vidal
  • La psicoloca (2015, como director). De Pilar González España
  • Un tranvía llamado Deseo [A Streetcar Named Desire] (2014). Dir.: Mar Díez
  • Monstruos (2013). Dir.: Carmen Losa


  • Salvelinus (2020). Prod.: Kami Swingle
  • Las aventuras de Arthur: La leyenda de Excalibur (2019). Dir.: Antonio Peñas Soto
  • Airbnb (2019). Prod.: Sietretresochotres
  • Una novela criminal (2018). Prod.: Podium Podcast y Cadena SER
  • Prank Call Wars .com (2017). Prod.: Undertap Ltd
  • Waraïna .com (2017). Prod.: Nat' Organico


  • ¡Salud! (2020). Dir.: Pedro Díaz
  • Envidia (2016). By Y&R Madrid
    • Winner of two Lions in Cannes, one Sol at El Sol Festival and one Eficacia award

Where can you watch all this work?

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  • Native Spanish. Native-level Italian
  • Bilingual in English, French and Portuguese
  • Advanced Basque
Accents and combinations


  • Dubbing – AM Escuela [2021-currently]
  • Film acting – Jaime Chávarri [2015-currently]
  • Stage fight – Kike Inchausti [2021]
  • Large scale spectacles on small scale budgets – Paul O'Donnell [2019]
  • Lizard Beat: The Dance Within – Gyula Cserepes [2019]
  • Archive, Memory, Performance – La Conquesta del Pol Sud, Philip Holyman, Carmen-Francesca Banciu [2019]
  • ​Theatre of shadows – Fabrizio Montecchi [2018]
  • Inclusive theatre of objects – Antonio Álamo and María Parrato [2018]
  • Voice and verse – Vicente Fuentes [2015-2017]
  • Physical theatre – Residui Teatro [2015-2018]
  • Film acting – José Manuel Carrasco [2017]
  • Clown – Gabriel Chamé [2016]
  • Acting creation around Anton Chekhov – Juan Pastor [2016]
  • Psychological theatre in The Seagull – Vera Kharybina [2016]
  • Acting research around Spoon River Anthology – María Pastor [2016]
  • Lindy hop – En Modo Swing [2016]
  • Stage fencing – Jesús Esperanza [2015-2016]
  • Singing – Mónica Dorta [2015-2016]
  • Commedia dell'arte – Fabio Mangolini [2015]
  • Acting technique – Marc Montserrat Drukker [2015]
  • Stage movement – Andoni Larrabeiti [2015]
  • Acting degree – Laboratorio de Teatro William Layton [2011-2014]
  • Acting research around Croisades by Michel Azama – María Pastor [2014]
  • Verse – Joaquín Notario [2013]
  • Singing – Isabel Oneca [2011]
  • Dubbing for TV and cinema – Marmac Group [2010]
  • An introduction to theatre techniques – Escuela Navarra de Teatro [2008-2009]


  • Basque – Escuela Oficial de Idiomas [2019-currently]
  • Dramaturgy: La vida al vuelo: ver, oír y repreguntar – Ignacio del Moral [2019]
  • Portuguese – Escuela Oficial de Idiomas [2016-2019]
  • Non-formal education: Crear es morder la luna – Viviana Bovino [2017]
  • Dramaturgy: Pistola en la nuca – José Sanchis Sinisterra [2017]
  • Community manager – Escuela de Negocios y Dirección [2015]
  • Producing independent theatre – Mayte Castillo [2015]
  • Boxing – Antonio Rodríguez "Chiky" [2012-2013]
  • Degree in TV, radio and cinema – Universidad de Navarra [2007-2011]
  • University studies in Perugia (Italia) [2009-2010]
  • French – Escuela Oficial de Idiomas [2006-2009]
  • Art – Academia de Josune Iribarren [1999-2009]

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